Giovanni Rana, Italy’s   renowned producer   of  fresh pasta, has  been  bringing  high  quality, artisanal fresh pasta to the table for over 50 years. The family owned and operated company began in 1962 on the outskirts of Verona, Italy, when  a  young Giovanni  Rana began  making fresh, hand-made pasta in his own kitchen, creating recipes and offering freshly prepared  filled pastas for local residents.

Before  long,  the  Giovanni  Rana  name  and  product  became a trusted source  of  flavorful, classic Italian dishes that could be prepared with ease in the comfort of the home kitchen.  With the addition of New York City’s own Giovanni Rana Pasta Kitchen, Giovanni Rana continues to embody the nature of simple, classic Italian cuisine with their fresh pastas and fillings.

Giovanni  Rana  Pastificio & Cucina brings  the  passion  and  commitment to high quality, artisanal pasta to the U.S. in the form of a full-service restaurant, where fresh pasta is made  on  site daily in it’s Pasta  Studio,  and  hand-selected  rare  and  regional  Italian  products and prepared foods are available to take home.



Step inside Giovanni Rana Pastificio & Cucina  and guests are greeted warmly by a treasure trove of beloved artifacts specially transported to the U.S. to adorn the modern, industrial aesthetic of the Chelsea Market restaurant and shop. Hanging from the exposed brick wall by the bar is Mr. Giovanni Rana’s Guzzino, a vintage red motorbike bought secondhand that he rode to hand-deliver his fresh pasta throughout Italy over five decades ago.

Throughout the restaurant, materials and objects refer to the iconic tools and dedication to pasta making, from the first pasta cutter used by Rana to make tortellini by hand to the first machine he created to make ravioli. The bar is decorated by 400  graters discovered in flea markets across Italy, hanging handmade copper pots and pans, and the ultimate display of passion for pasta,  a Pastificio where a wide array of shapes and colors of freshly made pasta are on display.